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Header Cell
This text is all on one line.

This text follows a single newline.

This text follows two newlines (i.e., a blank line). This text again follows a single newline.

This is row two, which ends with a blank line.

Row three begins with two newlines.

Row four contains a
forced line break.


Sortable table
Alphabetic Numeric Date Unsortable
d 2 2008-11-24 This
b 8 2004-03-01 column
a 6 1979-07-23 cannot
c 4 1492-12-08 be
e 0 1601-08-13 sorted.

tabla simple

talleres / expo deriva
expo deriva
expo deriva
apertura / expo deriva micronodos dinamicos / talleres presentacion residencias
micronodos dinamicos debate & dialogos

central alingment

Row heading A longer piece of text. Lorem ipsum... A shorter piece of text.
Row heading A longer piece of text. Lorem ipsum... A shorter piece of text.

tabla colapsabe

Cells left-aligned, table centered
Duis aute irure
dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit
esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.

tabla color

An example table
First header Second header
upper left upper middle right side
lower left lower middle
A table in a table
Archivo:Wiki.png Archivo:Wiki.png

Two Wikimedia logos

colores background

||<style="background-color: red;"> red ||<style="background-color: green;"> green ||<style="background-color: blue;"> blue || old Style ||<#FF8080> red ||<#80FF80> green ||<#8080FF> blue ||

abc def ghi jkl
abc def ghi
jkl mno pqr
stu vwx yz
cell1 cell2 cell3
 This text will be yellow and on a green background 

This text will be on a green background

Cell color pink Aqua color inherited from table
Row color #CCFFCC; Entire row affected
Aqua inherited Cell color #FFFFFF; (white)



Archivo:Some window blinds.JPG
Various window shades
Horizonal blinds
Archivo:Some window blinds.JPG
Shade, shutters; vertical & horizontal blinds.
Archivo:Miniblinds detail of mechanism.jpg
Detail of turning rod (blind stick) attachment on miniblinds